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GEM Health Care Group is partnering with CBBC Career College to host training for those wishing to become certified Continuing Care Assistants. Following an 8 week foundational study, you’ll attend classes 3 days a week and work 2 days a week in a paid position in a continuing care setting. Overall, the course will require 30 weeks of combined study and work time.

Nova Scotia Department of Seniors and Long-Term Care (SLTC) is supporting this “3 and 2” Work and Learn CCA Education Model. 

Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs) provide vital services to people who need support in their daily lives. As a CCA, you’ll provide personal care and support for clients in variety of health care settings. You’ll also help clients participate in meaningful activities, including social interactions and recreation. 

Tuition, books, and administrative costs are fully covered for those who are accepted into the program.
While working under the 3 and 2 model, you'll get paid while you earn your CCA certification.

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