What is Long Term Care?

We provide continuing care for people who need assistance with most or all daily activities; either on a long-term or short-term basis. There are two types of long-term care facilities available: nursing homes, and residential care facilities.

Our long-term care facilities are licensed and funded by the provincial governments they reside in, and applications are done through provincial admission systems.

over 40 Years of Excellence

Since 1979, GEM has provided high quality nursing care to those who need it. 

Through a combination of care modelling and facility design, GEM strives to ensure that our residents are able to live a comfortable and stress-free lifestyle; one that promotes independence in their day to day activities and how they prefer to spend their time.

GEM realizes that our care workers are both the face and the foundation of our operations. We make it part of our business to recognize their work and motivate them to provide a stress free living environment to the residents.

Find A location that's right FOR YOU!

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